JJ Barea Calls Ray Allen a P*ssy, and I Agree

JJ Barea Calls Ray Allen a Pussy

Let’s mince no words here—heck, Minnesota Timberwolves guard JJ Barea didn’t as he walked off the court after a very undeserved ejection on a flagrant 2 call for a body-check on the Miami Heat’s Ray Allen. He called Allen a ‘p*ssy’ repeatedly, with an occasional garnish of the F-word.

I agree.

One, Ray Allen had no business flopping for that bullshit call. Sure, he ‘nudged’ Barea with an elbow seconds earlier and Barea flopped. Sure, he was running to the basket and Barea bumped him on purpose. Physics. Still, he’s listed at 6’5” and 205 pounds, while Barea is at 6’0” and 180. To actually fall down the way he did and double over? That’s just weak, Ray.

Then Barea kept calling Allen a pussy over and over and over. It was funny as heck. Allen retorted with something like, “Whatchu say, bitch? What’s wrong with you?” Apparently, Allen has no snappy comeback for a time when somebody calls him a pussy. Of course, Ray’s always been one of the calmer players and he rarely loses his head. He’s also the all-time leader for 3FGs made and won a ring. Still, that’s kinda weak, Ray.

[By the way, here’s a couple of great animated GIFs of the scene, via @cjzero’s tweet.]

Two, there was Allen’s post-game interview with the NBA TV crew (Dennis Scott, Brent Barry, et al). He called Barea’s foul “a bush-league move” and said that the Minnesota player “got ejected with due purpose.” The foul wasn’t even worthy of a flagrant 1, much less a flagrant 2. Serge Ibaka chopped Blake Griffin’s nuts a night ago and got a flagrant 1. That’s unless you get a flagrant 2 for calling another player a ‘pussy.’ I dunno; let me know if there’s a rule on that.

Ever since this modern Heat team got together, they’ve been babied by the refs. Call me a hater, but it’s true. They got away with hacking off Rajon Rondo’s head, and their physical specimens (LeBron, Wade) so easily get calls off opponents. This is just the latest case.

The refs shouldn’t have let it escalate like that, and they just gave all those points away for botching the call. Wolves coach Rick Adelman even got a T for, oh, stating what was fricking obvious. Even non-Wolves fans (such as myself) couldn’t believe how messed up the officiating was.

There’s no doubt we’ll hear more about this incident soon. That was clearly a botched situation by the referees, and I daresay it cost the Timberwolves any chance of completing their comeback.

I used to really like Ray Allen. He’s my second-favorite guy from my favorite draft class, I loved him in Seattle and rooted for him in Boston. However, I’ve been thinking it ever since he joined up with the Heat, and JJ Barea just put it out there—Ray Allen is a p*ssy, and y’all just have to deal with it.

One thought on “JJ Barea Calls Ray Allen a P*ssy, and I Agree

  1. Obviously, Ray Allen is a pussy! Anybody that flops like that should get respect from nobody! Only a pussy would stop playing to flop like a little coward!

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