Dwight Howard Should Just Shut the F*ck Up

The more Dwight Howard talks to the media, the more he comes off as a self-absorbed prima donna who doesn’t ever want to take responsibility for anything that happens around him.

Recently, he said that the players on the really strong Magic teams (including the ’09 team that went to the Finals) were players who “nobody wanted.” He added that he “led that team with a smile on (his) face.”

Really, Dwight?

Sure, Howard was the best player on those teams, but he wasn’t the only reason for their success. Those teams were built to take full advantage of Howard’s strengths, and for that, credit should go to Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith. SVG surrounded Howard with a plethora of shooters who all helped spread the floor so that Dwight can have space to operate inside. He designed a defense that funneled everything toward Dwight.

Those teams had a good Hedo Turkoglu, a just-past-his-prime Rashard Lewis, then All-Star point guard Jameer Nelson, and effective role players such as J.J. Redick and Courtney Lee. And now he just put all of them under the bus. Good job, Dwight!

Of course, it wasn’t enough for Dwight Howard to put his former teammates under the bus. No, no, no! He had to put his current coach down there, too.

In another recent interview, he said that he’s exchanging texts with Phil Jackson, who many think should be coaching the Lakers right now. He said that guys like Jackson understand how it is to come back after back surgery. He added that Jackson told him that he  “can’t beat (himself) up over the things that have happened this year.”

So, SVG, Otis Smith, Hedo Turkoglu, Jameer Nelson, Rashard Lewis, J.J. Redick, Mike D’Antoni, and many others have all been put under the bus. Dwight Howard must have a really large bus.

Just play hard, take responsibility, and shut the f*ck up, Dwight.

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