Kobe Will Not Go Out Like This


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably already know that Kobe Bryant suffered a ruptured achillles tendon in the Lakers’ last game against the Golden State Warriors. It’s a devastating injury for any athlete, and even more so for an athlete of Kobe’s age. The minimum recovery time for this particular injury is about six months, but that’s highly optimistic considering Bryant’s age. He will more likely be out for close to a year, and that just sucks.

Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and he deserves better than to leave the game due to a terrible injury. He deserves to leave on his own terms, just like many of the other greats before him. And he probably will.

We all know how competitive Kobe is (to a fault, really), and he simply will not allow this injury to be his last moment in the NBA, to be the last time his fans see him in uniform and out on the court. He’s already said that the mere fact that some people think this is the end for him is driving him to get back as soon as he can. I believe him.

Remember that this is a man who has used every perceived slight in his favor. Sure, it may seem contrived and over-dramatic most of the time, but at least you know he’ll work his ass off just to prove a point.

Kobe will be back. Yes it will take time, but he will be back. And then he will leave, in his own terms and at just the right time.

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