Looking Back at the Second Half of the Regular Season

After the All-Star break, we posted a list of several things to watch for when the regular season resumed. Well, the regular season has now ended, and it’s time to look back at those questions to see what the answers have been.

  • Will LeBron’s hot shooting continue?

Of course, he couldn’t keep up those insane shooting percentages. But it hardly mattered. LeBron was still the best player in the league this season (by a considerable margin, sorry KD) and led the Heat to an astounding 27-straight wins and the best record in the NBA.

  • Can the Celtics keep on winning?

Sadly, they didn’t They’re slumping into the playoffs as the 7th seed in the East, going up against a Knicks team that’s being led by a fired up Carmelo Anthony. Things are not looking good for the Cs.

(Our thoughts are with Boston bombings victims and their families.)

  • Will Dwight Howard still be a Laker after the trade deadline?

Obviously. The question now is will he stay or not? I don’t think even Dwight knows the answer to that question.

  • Will Andrew Bynum play this season?

A big NO. It was just setback after setback for the big man. I don’t know if it would be wise for Philly (or any team, for that matter) to sign him to a max deal in the offseason considering all of the health problems (and attitude issues) he’s had in his career.

  • Will Josh Smith still be a Hawk after the trade deadline?

Smith is still in Atlanta, looking to “lead” the Hawks against the Bulls in the first round of the playoffs. He’ll probably be somewhere else when the next season starts.

  • Will Derrick Rose play this season at all?

Rose didn’t play at all in the regular season. There were rumors that he would come back, but those were shot down really quickly by Rose himself. As for the playoffs, no one really knows

  • Do the Dallas Mavericks have one more playoff push in them?

They tried their best, but they just weren’t good enough. The playoff streak stops at 12 years. At least they got to shave and finish the season at .500.

  • Can anyone actually push Miami in the East?

No one was able to, at least in the regular season.

  • Will the Grizzlies miss Rudy Gay?

I guess it’s safe to say that they haven’t missed Gay at all, so far. Again, though, we’ll have to wait for the postseason to see if Memphis will miss his shot creation (inefficiency and all).

  • How will Danny Granger’s return affect the Pacers (Paul George, specifically)?

Well, we don’t really need to find out now, do we? Not with Granger only being able to play a handful of games before going back to the injured list.

  • Will the Spurs hold on to the number 1 seed out West?

I really thought they would, but health problems for Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and other players slowed them down.

  • Will Deron Williams turn his season around?

Oh he did, in a big way. Pretty much all of his numbers are up, and he can shoot again!

  • Are the Knicks too old?

Apparently not. They got the second seed and look better (and fresher, somehow) than
Indiana going into the playoffs.

  • Can Sacramento keep its team?

We don’t know yet. David Stern and the board are letting this thing drag for so long. It’s unfair to both Sacramento and Seattle.

  • Just how good can the Clippers be?

Good enough for the fourth seed out West. I’m not sure if they’re good enough to actually contend. I think the one thing that’s limiting them is coaching (or lack thereof).

And there you go. Some questions were answered, others were not. The regular season is over. Now, it’s winning time.

We’ll have much more on the NBA Playoffs right here.

2 thoughts on “Looking Back at the Second Half of the Regular Season

  1. “Do the Dallas Mavericks have one more playoff push in them?

    They tried their best, but they just weren’t good enough. The playoff streak stops at 12 years. At least they got to shave and finish the season at .500.”

    Aww… Sad Face.

    Nice post RB!

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