PHOTOS: Pacers and Rockets in Manila

The Indiana Pacers and the Houston Rockets are in Manila to play in the first ever official NBA preseason game in the Philippines tomorrow night!

Here are some photos from the players’ activities around Manila yesterday.

Photos from: Anthony Santos

20131009-195230.jpgWill this be the Pacers starting five?

20131009-195324.jpgThe stars of the Houston Rockets

20131009-195435.jpgPaul George says he’s ready to defer to Danny Granger, but should he?

20131009-195522.jpgGeorge and Granger with the Pacers jeepney.

20131009-195557.jpgThe real Dwight Howard couldn’t fit into the jeepney’s front seat.


20131009-195710.jpgPaul George and George Hill with some local players at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay.

20131009-195916.jpgFormer Pacer Jalen Rose joining in on the fun.

20131009-200000.jpgLook at that length!

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